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Shake, Battle and Roll

As happens from time to time in our life, The Spouse was out of town for the weekend on business. Whenever this happens The Child and I fill our days with rambunctious activities, and I fill my nights with cleaning … Continue reading

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You’re Traveling Through Another Dimension, Briefly…

I have no memory. At least I think I don’t, I can’t remember. There was a time when my memory was simply bad, when it merely took a physically scarring event to leave a crude image in my head. There … Continue reading

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One Child To Rule Them All

Long story short, my older brother shot me in the leg. To me, that works fine just like that. I’m happy leaving this one short, no need to medium or long this story. It’s been told too often anyway. Too … Continue reading

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Dad E. Coyote

Long story short, I blew my face up once. That doesn’t help.  How about long story medium? As a young man of old enough to know better, the tiny town I lived in had two types of firecrackers: bang snaps … Continue reading

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