The 900lb Gorilla

My family moved to a new city. Someday soon I hope to chronicle the misadventures of a cross-country relocation but for now I only have the strength and time to offer periodical glimpses into our new existence. Part of the reason for my lack of time and energy is the city itself. Los Angeles is a place where there are lots of things to do and we have started to do them. Lots of them.

When you move here (that’s WHEN, not IF – you know who you are) you could do far worse than to follow our lead and pick a weekly farmers market to attend with church-esque regularity. The Spouse discovered one in Santa Monica that is a delight. There are tasty foodables galore, friendly folk, fresh squeezed orange juice aplenty* and the most climbingest jungle gym you ever saw.

On one such pilgrimage the shopping was done and The Spouse was taking The Child to play with a swarm of friendly children (Catelin, Kaytlin and Kate Lynn most likely) so I decided to unburden myself of our backpack stuffed with root crops. I opened the trunk of Fivel, our microvan, and moved the gorilla suit to one side to make room for our food.

“Excuse me, son, but is that a gorilla suit in your vehicle?” some tan and kindly octogenarian asked me. I told him that such was the case and he smiled, put his hand on my shoulder and leaned in to let me in on a secret… Wait…

…You’ll want some back story here. You see, The Spouse and I bought the gorilla suit for our wedding to be used during the pinata smashing. It was that kind of wedding. For some reason it didn’t get packed with our moving truck so we just threw it in the back of Fivel and, while that was a little over a month ago, unpacking is a slow process. So, yes, we were driving around with a gorilla suit in our vehicle.

The old man continued – “You live your live as best you can hoping that what you do is the right thing but you seldom get confirmation that what you’re doing IS the right thing.” He pointed at the gorilla suit. “I’ve lived a long time and I can tell you that you’re doing a lot of things right.”

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(slideshow captions: artichokes the size of E’s head, fall festival rides, baby pumpkin bliss, sand angels on venice beach)

*Los Angeles has so much fresh squeezed orange juice you’d think it grew on trees. Which, after seeing the orange tree in my back yard, I discovered it does!

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A Level 3 Stay-At-Home-Dad (Chaotic). Master Kid-smith, Animator, Carpenter, Musician, Swordsman and Philanthropist. His physique is to be admired, his values are to be adopted, his bold vision will come to pass, his stride is crab-like. He is aware the last one isn’t overly favorable. Such is DadisthenewMom.
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One Response to The 900lb Gorilla

  1. Beautiful piece. Peace to you & yours, who certainly do sound like you’ve engineered a vibrant array of dynamic factors.

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