Weekend Dad – Dadcycled Waterpark

The summer that The Child was born I found a free kiddie pool. I was driving around, attending to my fatherly duties, and there in an alley under a mound of trash was a boat-shaped kiddie pool missing its drain plug and crawling with spiders. And someone had just thrown it out! Well my friends let me assure you that plastic is washable, drain plugs can be fashioned from champagne corks and spiders are no match for the mighty broom. Free kiddie pool.

This last summer the same thing happened. Fatherly duties, filthy alley, mound of trash, and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a collapsed jungle gym (dirty, spiders, all that jazz). Know what doesn’t collapse so well? That big yellow plastic slide part, that’s what. Wash, rinse and broom. Free slide.

I’m not sure if this counts as recycling or upcycling or resourcecycling…  The term for it seems to change if I don’t pay attention and, honestly, I don’t. The point is, The Spouse and I are the kind of people who hate to see good resources go to waste. We are also people who tend to make our own fun.

These two rescued items are some of The Child’s most loved yard accessories. Recently we were surprised with a sunny warm day and The Spouse took full advantage to maximize yard enjoyment by combining Pool and Slide. Slidepool. Plide. Sploolde. Whatever  you call it, it was fun.


About dadisthenewmom

A Level 3 Stay-At-Home-Dad (Chaotic). Master Kid-smith, Animator, Carpenter, Musician, Swordsman and Philanthropist. His physique is to be admired, his values are to be adopted, his bold vision will come to pass, his stride is crab-like. He is aware the last one isn’t overly favorable. Such is DadisthenewMom.
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