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Weekend Dad – Dust In The Wind

There is a lovely little green area near our house where The Child and I like to walk on pleasant days. We play in the grass and listen to birds, we sit on one of the many small bridges to … Continue reading

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The Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Bedtime

Guest Post by The Spouse It was a sippy cup throw down. We’d been traveling most of the day: long stretches of glistery pavement, subway stations, airports. The Child deserved every bit of tired that she was. Ten hours later … Continue reading

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A Rose By Any Other Name

The nice thing about being a stay at home dad is that most of the population is polite and understanding enough not to mention how bad I smell. Children themselves produce staggering amounts of funk, and dads… well, dads are … Continue reading

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Highschoolers Say the Darndest Things

My younger brother (often referred to on this blog as Younger Brother) is a teacher of highschool age children. This is awesome for me because: As a teacher, he is useful as a reference point for my wildly inaccurate drunken … Continue reading

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Fiery Passion

How do you explain love to a 2-year-old? As it turns out, quite easily. There is like and then really like and then like a whole lot and so on until one approaches love. The Child grasps this concept readily, … Continue reading

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Weekend Dad – Dadcycled Waterpark

The summer that The Child was born I found a free kiddie pool. I was driving around, attending to my fatherly duties, and there in an alley under a mound of trash was a boat-shaped kiddie pool missing its drain … Continue reading

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Jessie’s Girl

Imagine a giant robot space samurai from the future riding a hover-dragon (also robotic) with his laser sword in one hand and one of those double neck guitars in his two other hands (I forgot to mention he has three … Continue reading

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